The Phulbari Solidarity Group is a transnational activist group which exists to support and represent the communities located within the Phulbari region of Bangladesh in opposing the plans for a large-scale open-cast mine in the region. If the mine is built, it would lead to forced-displacement of up to 230, 000 people over the course (30 years) of the project. It would increase poverty and crisis of food production in a country which struggles to provide food supply to nearly one third of its population. The project would further cause water pollution and would plunder 94 percent of agricultural land in the region.  It would leave devastating impact on environment.


The Phulbari Solidarity Group opposes the project and sought to build a trans-national network of campaigners that is dedicated to putting a halt to the project. Based in the UK, we sought to ensure that Global Coal Management Resources PLC, a British Multinational Company that wants to build the proposed Phulbari coal project, has been held to account.


Originally initiated in 2011 by activists from Phulbari and eye-witnesses to the killings of three people on 26 August in 2006, the Phulbari Solidarity Group acts as a gatekeeper to international and national/local activists in the building of resistance against the coal-project.  We work in solidarity with the people in Phulbari in their struggle to stop the devastating project.


We work and advocate for the halt of the destructive  project through our  transnational campaign and networks in both Bangladesh and abroad.  We are determined to prevent forced-displacement  and ecological catastrophe in Phulbari, Boropukuria and Bangladesh,  on the whole. Our current campaign for Bangladesh supports the seven points demands of the National Committee of Bangladesh. We are working with communities and grassroots activist groups working to address a national energy policy integrating the ecology of Phulbari and the Sundarbans, the world’s largest Mangrove forest in Khulna, and addressing the need for fossil free and renewable energy, ecological development and national sovereignty in Bangladesh.  We support renewable energy and prevention of environmental destruction.  We believe in energy democracy, ecological development and climate justice.



The Phulbari Solidarity Group (PSG) is primarily a self-funded activist group. We raise fund through our membership fees and through community support when/as needed, for organising physical events.  Funding from external organisations are normally avoided for specific moral reasons. However, we do take voluntary support of external organisations, such as advocacy, art work, physical presence of activists at our protests, and logistics including hiring camera, loud-speakers, drum and noisy instruments to make our events successful. We also welcome independent donations from individuals within and outside the community.


If you wish to join us in campaigning activities to halt the proposed Phulbari project or wish to help us to achieve coal-free and renewable fuel, energy justice and ecological development in Bangladesh, please feel free to contact us. Our email address is: phulbarisolidaritygroup@gmail.com