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  • Demonstration against proposed open pit mine in Phulbari, Bangladesh
  • GCM .... Hands off Phulbari!
  • Phulbari Day Commemoration Outside London Stock Exchange 2016
  • Solidarity to Foil Vedanta protest in London
  • Protest at GCM AGM

The Phulbari Solidarity Group is a transnational activist group which exists to support and represent the communities located within the Phulbari region of Bangladesh in opposing the plans for a large-scale open-cast mine in the region. If the mine is built, it would lead to forced-displacement of up to 230, 000 people over the course (30 years) of the project. It would increase poverty and crisis of food production in a country which struggles to provide food supply to nearly one third of its population. The project would further cause water pollution and would plunder 94 percent of agricultural land in the region. It would leave devastating impact on environment.